Lolita X Estelle Colored Glass: A Transitional Picnic

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As we have passed the Autumn equinox, Summer is officially over. But does that mean we have to give up our outdoor pleasures?  Absolutely not!! And, it doesn’t have to be your typical harvest décor.  Early Fall is probably THE best time to have an outdoor picnic, as it has cooled off, altogether a great time of year on the beach, in the garden, anywhere that you can legally set up. Your guests won’t get too hot, and nothing better than to snuggle under a blanket or cape for the event. (you can even bring blankets that go with your table!)


For this picnic tablescape, I chose purple and its beautiful tonal levels. It is a great transitional look…and we know how we feel once Thanksgiving is over, we are so ready for red and green we can’t stand it. I love traditional Fall here in New England, but the tones that are on the Purple spectrum ARE found In natural world in many ways, all year ‘round. And, “Very Peri” is the #pantone color of 2022, a beautiful deep violet that I used for my glass design. 


Since I live near the ocean, I thought it would be a great investment to have a beach picnic table! Here is the link on Etsy. I feel like this could be used almost all year, and even inside for a sushi/Japanese style sit down even in your home!


View the full listing for this table on Etsy.

I used rustic placemats, here:


Amazon link to placemats.

I chose gold flatware (you can find a great deal out at Home Goods, etc. Amazon has these as well), and I learned how to fold a “rose” napkin from this YouTube video:

Instead of plastic or ceramic purple plates, I used beautiful paper ones from Meri Meri, a great resource for anything paper with exquisite designs!


Here is the link to the ones I bought for this

I placed my Lenox chinaware desert plates with the gold rims to help tie in with the gold flatware, also serving as weights to keep the paper plates stationary.

I started the design making sure I was positioned properly on the beach. It was a little overcast, but in a way the pictures turned out beautifully “ethereal” …a little magical, if you will. There was a soft breeze, but not too much.  I found these awesome square meditation pillows on Amazon as well, and they looked great with the table set up!


Amazon Link here.

Here are all of the amazon links for additional supplies:


Lavender organza table runner


Lavender cloth napkins


Last but not least, I collaborated with @EstelleColoredGlass on this set up, and since my color scheme came from my “Coming Up Roses” design, I chose their gorgeous lavender stemless wine glasses to sit with my glass. I love mixing in vintage or other styles of glassware with my own! For tablescapes, it is a must do, you have to have a water glass, or you may have champagne, etcetera.


You can visit their website here

I didn’t get to a menu for this look, but my advice for any picnic:  Keep it simple! No hot foods,

And plenty of vino!!!

And doing this on your own is a little daunting but I set it all up in 15 minutes!  The key is preparing!  Lastly, remember the color purple!  It is so versatile, and honestly even though I went a little girly, I had many gentlemen say they would love to attend this picnic.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this setup, or see what picnic layouts you’ve done on social at @designsbylolitaus on Instagram, @DesignsByLolita on Facebook or @lolita.herself on TikTok!




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